Frequently Asked Questions

Image Transformation Questions

Auto format is active but I always get jpeg photos.

Since auto format feature checks client's browser if it supports webp format, and serves webp if only it does. The browser you are making test may not be able to decrypt webp. In this scenario you would get a jpeg. Same situation is valid for png, too. See browsers which support webp here.

How do I use coordinates based crop?

First, if you do not know how to use the dynamic URLs, you should check Dynamic Url Structure. After choosing current mode as crop with c_crop you must define width and height of the image that you will produce with w and h parameters. Cropping is simply taking a smaller frame from original image, you can define the position of new frame by using x and y parameters. Entered x and y are coordinates of the beginning point which is top left corner of new frame. For example if you have a 300x300 photo, and your parameters are c_crop w_100 h_100 x_200 y_200. The image that you produce with these parameters will be a frame that begins at the 200, 200 point of original image and finishes at the point of 300, 300 which is the end pixel of original image.

How do I resize my image?

You have 3 options to resize your image. The first is to scale, which changes the image's height or width by scaling the image. No image part is lost. All edges and corners of the image are still visible on the new image. But they are bigger or smaller. The second option is to crop them, which cuts and removes the outer area of the image to resize it. The third option is to use fit. You can prefer fit to fit the image into a frame. It works like a scale option. But it forces to keep width-to-height ratio of the original image.

How do I use image SEO option?

You can use it smoothly if you are in Scale up Plan or higher. Let's clarify it's usage. You can take a look at How It Works page to simulate the usage or you can use image SEO option using dynamic URL directly. To see the usage of dynamic URL check the documentation. Image SEO option does not change the image name at the storage. It only changes the visible image name by search engines and by of course your visitors.

What is the default image quality?

If no quality value is defined, quality takes default value which is 90 (90%). Quality can be defined with q parameter.