3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Pinterest Marketing

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3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Pinterest Marketing

At the present time, digitalization has changed how we reach the information and how we process available data. Comparing to only 20 years ago, today we are surrounded by too much information flow. This creates a continuous noise in our lives and it becomes harder for marketers to speak to their target audience. It isn’t enough to tell and show your point to engage with customers anymore. Today, the biggest challenge for marketers is to stand out amongst others. However, it is much harder than it seems given the ever-decreasing attention span of customers. Brands should position themselves as ground-breaking, inspiring and innovative to succeed in marketing efforts. Marketers should find ways to engage and mingle in audience to successfully show the unique value of their products and services.

1. It Is About Inspiring

Image usage is increasing in line with SEO efforts and marketing campaigns on websites. Basically, images help you to convey your point in the blink of an eye. This is why Pinterest became an important place for marketers and brands. Differently from other social media platforms, Pinterest is about searching and collecting ideas, inspiration. While Facebook or Instagram is mainly about individual content, Pinterest is the place where you can get inspired and get help in your planning and research. Thus, Pinterest brings you together with people who are ready to buy or hear from you in the first place. Yet more, 55% of Pinterest users say that they are using the platform to search and purchase the products, which is more than four times of other social platform rates.

2. Brand Awareness and Qualified Traffic

Given its 290 million monthly active users (Q1, 2019), Pinterest marketing helps you to find potential customers who are already in consideration phase and gain qualified traffic for your website. Also, the statistics show that Pinterest drives 33% more referral traffic to your website than Facebook, which is another reason to consider this platform when creating marketing campaigns. For an example, IKEA Pinterest marketing campaigns focused on students before the beginning of academic year. The company reached to students looking for dorm or apartment decoration ideas before moving in. Similarly, Absolut Lime promoted their DIY cocktail videos on Pinterest showing easy to find ingredients and the product in a remarkable way. The brand targeted the keywords such as “birthday party ideas” which enabled the brand to meet with customers who are still discovering several options. Since Pinterest is mainly about inspiration, your marketing campaigns should focus on inspiring and influencing your target audience. These types of promoted pins or videos can help you to increase brand awareness and customer engagement. There are various targeting options for Pinterest marketing, such as keyword targeting, audience targeting, promoted pins or Pinterest APIs.

3. Success In Terms of Numbers

Analytic Partners research remarks that Pinterest marketing generates $2 profit per every $1 spent. On the other hand, it corresponds to $4.3 gross return on per $1 spent for marketing campaigns. As these metrics show, Pinterest marketing helps you to improve ROI. The success of Pinterest marketing is that it helps you to meet directly with the audience who are already interested in the relevant topic.

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