Top 10 WordPress Speed Optimization Services

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Top 10 WordPress Speed Optimization Services

WordPress is getting more popular every day. The most important factor in this increasing popularity is that it offers a large-scale type of plugins to its users.

There are many WordPress plugins that offer different services for every need. With so many options out there, it can be difficult to find what works best for you. But don't worry we have brought together the which is best for your needs.

WordPress is an open-source website building environment. One of every four websites you see on the internet built with WordPress.

WordPress, which used to create a blog for the first time, has become able to create any kind of website with changes in its codes, various themes and, a wide plugin library.  Many brands' websites such as The New York Times, Vogue, Sony Music has been created with WordPress.

As we mentioned, the most critical point in the creation of such a variety of websites in WordPress is the plugins. Plugins help the website owner at many points like speeding up the website, backing up, or reliability of your website.

In this post, we've put together the best plugins for a WordPress website developer and owner to know.

The main purpose of a created website is to bring visitors to its page and achieve a conversion. Every website, whether created with WordPress or created in any other way, needs to be fast and prepared per the user experience to achieve a conversion.

Site speed is the most important thing for a website. Speed is very important for the website to rank high on Google. Speed is in the top three among over 200 factors that Google's ranking algorithm takes into factor while ranking websites.

In addition, a large part of the search and optimization work done to make the web appear in the first place is aimed at accelerating the website. Speed not only helps you rank high but also affects important metrics of your website, such as Bounce rate.

High-speed and high-performance websites offer results with bounce rates, higher conversions, return visits, and higher ranking in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) organic search, and of way a better user experience.

Slow websites damage your reputation and cost your money. Nobody wants that. By reducing the page load-time your marketing and sales processes will highly increase. Having a high performing website gives you more qualified leads, higher traffic, and more conversions.

Google: How Bounce Rate Increases With Longer Mobile Load Times

The main purpose of a website created by paying attention to user experience is to keep the incoming visitor on the page as long as possible and to navigate between the pages and to make the incoming visitor make a conversion.

However, when a visitor encounters a slow website, it doesn't even wait for the page to load. In this way, no conversion happens and, because the bounce rate is high, it is placed below the Google rankings. Site speed is everything nowadays.

Why is website speed important and how is it measured?

Basically, page load time refers to a web performance measure that indicates the time it takes for a page or images to appear on the user's screen. It affects key factors such as website speed, visibility, conversion, and usability. Website speed creates the first impression of your business.

For fast-loading websites you'll probably first choose to cache plugins to speed up the website.

Of course, this is the correct method. Among the best accelerator plugins, we will share below will be cache plugins. Because caching is one of the key points in speeding up your website.

However, the most important point that is overlooked is the images. The most important detail you need to edit in this directory is the size of your images (.jpg, .png).  No user is spending their time on the website with late uploaded images.

There are plugins on our list that allow you to optimize your images. You won't believe that compression of images affects website speed!

Every factor that benefits the user is very important to Google.

Having a fast website reduces the bounce rate by keeping your visitors on the site.  A fast website also increases your page view.

We've seen how important website speed is, so how do you know if our website is fast?

You can test your website and measure your mobile and desktop speed score via Google PageSpeed Insight or websites like that.

If your score is 90 and above, congratulations you have a very fast website. But if the result is average and bad, what should be done? You could look continue to look out for the web performance plugin list.

Plugins to speed up your WordPress site

If we think of your WordPress site as a phone, plugins are applications that you install into it. Plugins add functionality to your website.

To install a new plugin, you can click Plugins -> Add New from the left menu after logging into your WordPress panel. Then you can find the plugins by entering the terms related to the plugin you need in the search section.

There are plenty of WordPress speed optimization services You can find many free or paid plugins to suit your website needs. Here, we will share the best plugins to speed up your WordPress site.

With the plugins which we will share with you below, you can say goodbye to losing traffic, customer, and a slow website. So Let’s get started.

1) Image4io

Speaking of the effect of images on your speed, we put an image optimization plugin in the first place. You need to resize your images before uploading them to your site for better speed.

Image4io is a full-stack image manager that stores optimize and serves images for the web. Image4io helps you optimize your images to boost website performance.

When your images are requested, they are processed through image processors to optimize images and served via multi-CDN.

Image4io also detects users’ devices, browsers, and geographical location to serve the optimized image to deliver the best end-user web experience.

Image4io serves its users in 3 areas:

· Image optimization,

· Image CDN,

· Image storage.

In order to use Image4io, your website does not need to be built with WordPress only. You can also use it for your websites built with other sources.

2) WP Rocket

Wp rocket is one of the most used WordPress plugins to increase website performance. Help you implement page caching, which is one of the important steps to speed up the Website, provides service for the page cache.

When you install and activate the WP Rocket plugin, it will apply performance optimization that includes page caching, browser caching, and gzip compression.

The WP Rocket plugin is ideal for the beginner as everything is designed simply rocket’s features are;

·       Page caching

·       Browser caching

·       Database optimization

·       DNS prefetching

3) Wp Super Cache

Wp Super Cache is one of the most popular speed optimizers in WordPress. Wp Super Cache comes from Automattic which the same company behind Jetpack and WooCommerce.

The best thing about Wp Super Cache is simplicity. Perfect caching plugin for caching. You can just install it, check a single box, and set it. That's all.

Wp Super Cache creates static HTML files from your website with dynamic HTML infrastructure.

Wp Super Cache servers cached files in 3 ways: simple, expert and WP-cache caching.

“Simple” setting is the easiest to set up and, “Expert” is the fastest of these three services.

You don't need to be very knowledgeable to use this plugin because of Wp Super Cache details of the number of instructions and recommended settings on how to use the plugin.

4) Wp Buffs

Wp Buffs are other speed optimization services. It offers you different services to speed up your WordPress website.

When you add the plugin before starting their work on your website and Wp Buffs specialists try to identify and analyze the issues causing a slow website.  After then they solve the issue which makes slow the website speed and performance.

Wp Buffer’s key services are to;

· Enable compressions

· Image optimization

· CDN support

5) Perfmatters

Perfmatters is the other speed optimization plugin. But Perfmatters takes a different way of improving page load times than other plugins on the list.

One of the other things that cause the slow website is unrequested HTTP pages. Perfmatters allows you to disable these scripts on a per-page basis which means using Perfmatters you can stop plugins from code where it isn't needed.

WordPress has some unnecessary options for most website slow down performance. Perfmatters allows to you disable these options with just a few clicks.

6) WP Fastest Cache

Wp Fastest cache is one of the most popular and most rated caching plugins at WordPress with over 3000 reviews.

Using Wp Fastest Cache you could check a box and you could enable page caching. That’s all. With free version Wp Fastest Cache allows to customers;

· Browser caching

· Gzip compression,

· Basic minification for CSS and HTML. Unfourntely JavaScript is not included.

Wp fastest caches Premium allows to customers;

· Database optimization

· Image optimization

· More advanced minification, including JavaScript minification

7) Autoptimize

Autoptimize is another free plugin that helps you optimize your website's JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. When doing that doesn't do page caching. Autoptimize can aggregate, cache, and minify.

Also using Autoptimize you can optimize;

· Lazy-load images

· Async non-aggregated JavaScript

· Remove WordPress core emoji cruft

· Optimize Google Fonts and more.

Autoptimize also has extensive API available to publishers Autoptimize to each website's specific needs.

8) LiteSpeed Cache

According to BuiltWith LiteSpeed Cache is the third most popular site speed optimization WordPress plugin. LiteSpeed has over 800,000+ active downloads on WordPress.

LiteSpeed Cache allows you;

· CSS/JavaScript combination

· Image optimization

· Browser cache support

· Server level full page cache

9) W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache has the richest caching plugin but it’s also the most complicated caching plugin. It has a different experience than WP Fastest Cache, WP Rocket, and WP Super Cache.

If you are new to using caching plugins we recommend you stay away from using W3 Total Cache for the first time.

Beginner dışında ıf you’re a developer or who wants to control every specific aspect of how caching works on your website, W3 total cache is a great option for you.

W3 allows you;

· Browser caching

· Page caching

· Fragment caching

· Database caching

· Object caching

10) Optimole

We close the list with another image optimization plugin. Optimoles’s free plan using by nearly 5,000 visitors per month.

Optimole is an image optimization plugin for image compression. By using Optimole all image optimizations will be done automatically. Optimole also CDN service so you don't need to worry about images loading slowly.

Optimole has a great tracking monitor for seeing how much space is being saved and what’s happening with your images. The CDN features are included in the paid plans.


So these are the top 10 WordPress plugins to increase websites speed. We’re living in a digital World and, everything goes digital each day. Also, we’re consuming everything quickly.

So As in everything, we want to consume the sites quickly. Each second is important in our World. one second late loading causes you to lose your potential customer.

So speed is everything. Also, everything getting easy each day. You don't need the code or some technique to speed up your website. Plugins and services doing that for us. We hope you can choose a plugin for your need for using our blog.

Thanks for reading.