What Is Digital Marketing? How To Be Successful?

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What Is Digital Marketing? How To Be Successful?

The digital marketing continues to gain importance as the world goes online, and this doesn’t seem to slow down at all. Well, what is digital marketing precisely, and why is it a must have for the businesses? The reason is quite simple: the term “digital marketing” refers to all marketing efforts of businesses applied through digital technologies and digital media platforms. Thus, in essence the digital marketing tries to achieve the same objectives as traditional marketing we all know: acquiring new customers, supporting customer engagement and enhancing customer life cycle. As in traditional marketing, the focus is on the customer, not only product promotions. The main objective in marketing is to reach customers in the right time and in the right place. In today’s world, given the increasing use of internet and mobil devices, digital marketing tries to meet customers where they already are: online world.

There are many digital channels that are used to support customer journey such as search engines, social media platforms, websites, mobile applications and e-mail. As internet becomes more and more involved in our lives, many of our daily activities such as communication, entertainment, learning and shopping happen online. For example, a customer who considers buying a product or searching for options prefer to look online reviews or compare available information. Thus, digital marketing is actually updated version of traditional marketing. Today’s potential customers turn their attention to internet, and customer journey becomes much more important in today’s integrated and crowded world.

Main Digital Marketing Channels

Each channel can be used according to different needs and goals of marketing teams. Marketing campaigns involve various segments and call to actions, so each channel serves to digital marketing strategies in their own ways.

  • Search Engine Optimization

Analytics show that 67% of all clicks to a website comes from the first 5 search results on Google. This indicates that organic traffic is essential to gain visitors to your web site. Organic traffic also means that you can meet with the visitors who are already interested in relevant subject. Compared to traditional mass advertising channels, (such as TV, newspapers…), digital marketing and namely search engine optimization can help you to gain qualified traffic. Search Engine Optimization, shortly SEO is simply optimizing your website content and technical parts to rank higher in search engine result pages. Make sure that your content is relevant, website is user friendly and clear.

  • Pay Per Click

This method can be defined as paid advertisement on digital platforms. The primary platform of pay per click method is Google. Besides SEO efforts, you can also pay for specific keywords and show your page when people search for these keywords. Although this method draws attention when users are already interested, it can get hard to compete for the most popular keywords. Pay per click method are also popular for social media platforms. You can create paid ads on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram by choosing your target characteristics and reach to people who might be interested with your brand or product. Additionally, if you are a B2B business and your potential customers spend time on LinkedIn, you can use pay per click method to send them sponsored messages through LinkedIn.

  • Content Marketing

Your content is actually a proof of how reliable and expert your business is in the relevant field. Content helps you to educate your potential customers without pushing your products and promotions in an aggressive way. Content marketing helps to increase brand awareness and gain new visitors. Having said that the focus of digital marketing is on the customers, content marketing serves to customer needs and support customer engagement. You can create blog posts to show your know-how and gain organic traffic,  e-books or bulletins to educate and update your visitors, and any visual content such as slideshows or infographics to simplify your points.

  • Social Media Marketing

Since the whole marketing efforts gather under the same roof of “customer relationship”, social media channels support creating your brand personality and maintain a relationship with your customers. While you can promote your content and promotions through social media, you can also understand what your customers want and care about.

  • E-mail Marketing

This method helps reminding your existing visitors of your brand. You can support the customer journey through different e-mail structures, such as to welcome your new subscribers, promote yourself after a long time, or reward your loyal customers. E-mail marketing shortly strengthen the relationship and attract your audience through individual and conditional offers.

Success Tips for Effective Digital Marketing


  • Planning

Marketing automation is the key for effective measurement and application of your marketing campaigns. You can integrate all of your different digital marketing channels and manage them. You can organize and schedule your planned tasks through automation. More importantly, you can effectively assess the return of your marketing spending, namely ROI and revenue streams. This helps you to plan your marketing budget efficiently and achieve your goals faster.

  • Visuality

As the internet environment expands, the chance of your brand getting noticed decreases. It becomes even more important to concentrate on customer journey. In today’s world, there are many product options and promotions available. The brands have very limited time to thrust themselves forward, since it is much more likely to be lost in the noise. In your digital marketing campaigns, you should place emphasis on visuality to draw attention to your strategic advantages, unique offers and brand’s value. Images are catchy by their very nature, they highlight what your point is all about without much effort.

Finally, digital marketing is no different than traditional marketing in its essence, since both aim to acquire new customers, engage with customers and generate leads. There are various digital marketing channels each contributing to different aspects of marketing strategies. The important factor of effective digital marketing campaigns is to which extent a brand can differentiate itself. You can manage and succeed in digital marketing channels with a well-thought-through plans and catchy details.

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