What is Multi CDN?

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What is Multi CDN?

The Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a group of geographically-distributed servers which deliver static contents with best possible latency. CDNs are key attributes for the web performance. But all CDNs can't maintain high performance level all the time. They may become out of service, have latency or encounter any other problems. With multi CDN architecture, you can have a stable high performance level and %100 uptime.

Traditional Web Hosting


Most web sites deliver both dynamic and static content from a single server to whole world. This method might be still useful for the web sites which have limited visitors and when visitors come from small geographical region that are close to the server.

However, if you are targeting visitors from all around the world, this method starts to encounter high latency due to distance from the server.

Also, if your website has high volume of visitors, delivering static content from the server causes performance issues and errors.

To read more about the CDN effect your servers check out this blog post about 'CDN Effect on Server Performance'

Single/Standard Content Delivery Network


CDN is a network of servers that caches static content close to visitors to deliver this content with low latency. CDN providers manage lots of cache servers to be closer to visitors. In this way, contents such as images, javascript and CSS files will be delivered faster due to low distance between the visitor and the cache server.

Multi Content Delivery Network


Multi CDN is a combination of 2 or more CDN networks. image4io uses multi CDN strategy to deliver content more efficiently and with more robust architecture.

Benefits of Multi CDN

Redundancy and Robustness

With Multi CDN architecture, image4io is providing %100 SLA on CDNs. Even if one of our CDNs goes down, the traffic gets rerouted to another network. Thereby our customers will have zero downtime.

Geographic Coverage

CDN providers' geographic coverage often varies. Some of them have better presence in a region compared to others, or some of them don't have any cache server in some regions. The multi CDN strategy enables us to cover the whole world through using multiple CDN providers by means of their presence on different regions.

Lower Latency and Higher Performance

image4io uses Multi CDN architecture to deliver content with lower latency. We continuously test CDN providers from different regions. According to test results, we are routing requests to the best performing CDN from that region.

Load Balancing

Some cache servers may have difficulties on peak traffic times. We distribute this high traffic to the different cache servers. Thus, we prevent low performance issues.


With image4io's managed Multi CDN architecture, our customers have %100 uptime and better CDN performance.

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