Manage images from Wordpress with Image4io Plugin

Using the Image4io Wordpress Plugin, you can upload and manage your images in Image4io directly from your WordPress Interface. The plugin also provides single-click migration which migrates all existing WordPress Image Files to Image4io

Once your images are uploaded to Image4io, you can benefit from Image4io and advantages.

How to integrate image4io and Wordpress

Installing and Configuring Plugin

Step 1
Go to WordPress Plugins dashboard and click Add New

Step 2
Search image4io in the search bar.

Step 3
Download the Image4io – Speed Up Your Website with Full Stack Image Manager plugin.

Step 4
Click Activate to activate Image4io plugin

Step 5
Click Image4io in the WordPress Admin Menu.

Step 7
Now, you can use Image4io from Wordpress Media Library

Migrate Images from Wordpress to Image4io

Step 1
Go to WordPress Media Library

Step 2-a
You can click Upload to Image4io link for the image that you wish to upload to image4io

Step 2-b
You can select multiple images that you wish to upload to image4io and click Upload to Image4io in the bulk actions.

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