Image Transformation Operations

Scale Mode | c_scale

If no current mod is selected (neighter c_scale, c_crop nor c_fit) current mod defaults to c_scale.

Dynamic URL below can be used to set image height as 300 pixel:


There is no w parameter in the dynamic URL, but width value is automatically calculated using h to keep aspect ratio of the original image.

Fit Mode | c_fit

To fit the image into a 300x300 frame, dynamic URL below can be used:


Crop Mode | c_crop

Dynamic URL below can be used to discard the unwanted parts of the image and show the wanted part.


G parameter can take values of g_top, g_right, g_bottom, g_left, g_top_left, g_top_right, g_bot_right, g_bot_left g_center.

If no valid region is entered, it defaults to center.